Republicans sweep local elections

Nearly all town victories exceeding 60 percent of the vote


Voters in Suffolk County overwhelmingly supported Republicans, with many candidates winning with over 55 percent of the vote.

For Suffolk County executive Ed Romaine, former Town of Brookhaven supervisor, beat out Democratic challenger Dave Calone with 57 percent (12,8960 Republican and 29,492 Conservative votes) over Calone’s 42.85 percent (111608 Democratic and 7,444 Working Families votes).

“Do you want a more affordable Suffolk County? Do you want your children to grow up here? Your grandparents to grow up here? You want them to stay here?” Suffolk County Republican chairman Jesse Garcia said. “Ladies and Gentleman, the man who will do it: Suffolk County executive Edward P. Romaine.”

Romaine’s top goals include ensuring the financial stability of the county government; clean water for Suffolk County; public safety; dealing with environmental challenges; and reducing waste.

“We will move this county forward. We sent a message paint this county red!” said Romaine, also thanking his wife, Diane, on stage. “There were many signs, but the one sign that somebody […] held up was a sign that said ‘Bring us together,’ and as your county executive elect I intend to bring all of Suffolk together with a common sense agenda that moves us forward and keeps our taxes low, that keeps us affordable and that makes sure we are safer.”

In the Suffolk County Legislature’s 7th District election, incumbent Dominick Thorne maintained his seat with 54.24 percent (6,465 Republican and 1,493 Conservative votes) to Democratic challenger Ryan McGarry’s 45.70 percent (6,182 Democratic and 523 Working Families votes)

The 8th Legislative District incumbent Anthony Piccirillo maintained his seat with 69.43 percent (10,582 Republican and 2,680 Conservative votes) over Democratic challenger Heather Gallagher who had 30.49 percent (5,825 Democratic votes).

“The Republican Revolution is alive and well in Suffolk County,” said Piccirillo.

For the 9th Legislative District, Republican Teresa Bryant lost to Democrat Samuel Gonzalez with 44.71 percent (2,185 Republican and 578 Conservative votes) to his 54.98 percent of the vote (3,176 Democratic and 222 Working Families votes).

Incumbent Trish Bergin maintained her seat in the 10th Legislative District with 62.27 percent (6,470 Republican and 1,794 Conservative votes) over Derek Stein who had 27.43 percent (4,469 Democratic and 499 Working Families votes).

In the 11th District, incumbent Steve Flotteron won with 66.49 percent (8,048 Republican and 2,050 Conservative votes) over Democratic challenger Lucas Deitch who had 33.35 percent (5,065 Democratic votes).

“We could not have won without all those in leadership and all involved here!” said Flotteron.

Republicans swept the Town of Islip elections, with all races resulting in Republican victories.

Town supervisor Angie Carpenter, who has been in office since 2015 maintained her seat with 63.22 percent (25,238 Republican, 6,439 Conservative votes) over Democratic challenger Ken Colón with 36.58 percent (16,684 Democratic and 1,644 Working Families votes).

“It has been an incredible, incredible night for the Suffolk County Republican Party! Even more important for the residents of this great county it will be great again because of Ed Romaine and everything you guys did,” said Carpenter in her victory speech.

For town clerk, Republican Linda Vavricka won with 62.02 percent (24,171 Republican and 6,443 Conservative votes) over Sarah Smith with 37.82 percent (18,669 Democratic votes).

Incumbent Andy Wittman maintained his seat at receiver of taxes with 64.56 percent (25,378 Republican and 6,657 Conservative votes) over Laura Falbo with 35.26 percent (17,496 Democratic votes).

For the 3rd District Council of the Town of Islip, Michael McElwee Jr. won with 54.98 percent (6,328 Republican and 1,648 Conservative votes) over Christine Pellegrino with 38.34 percent (5,095 Republican and 467 Working Families votes).

For the 4th District Council, incumbent John Lorenzo won 63.92 percent (8,278 Republican and 2,110 Conservative votes) over Tom Murray with 35.93 percent (5,417 Democratic and 422 Working Families votes).

In Town of Brookhaven, incumbent Neil Foley for the 5th Town Council District won with 66.18 percent (7,797 Republican and 1,777 Conservative votes) over challenger Francis Salazar Jr. with 33.77 percent (4,886 Democratic votes).

The full unofficial results of Tuesday’s election can be found on the Suffolk County Board of Elections website.

DISCLAIMER: All vote tallies are not final counts and based off the initially released unofficial votes. Absentee ballots are still to be counted and announced.


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