Why only Bay Shore?

By Donna Perricone President of the Bay Shore Chamber of Commerce


After too many years, Bay Shore still remains the only hamlet in the Town of Islip with meters, and long-serving members of the Islip Town Board have chosen to ignore this serious injustice.

Can they honestly claim to be serving Bay Shore well in their official positions with such unfairness?

Months ago, our organization reached out to the supervisor’s staff, suggesting a reasonable resolution to this situation. Other hamlets like Farmingdale and Port Jefferson provide free parking stickers for the vehicles of their residents when they park at a meter. We are aware these are villages, but we also know only Bay Shore is faced with this blatantly unfair program every day.

Why not give the residents of Bay Shore and Brightwaters a much-deserved pass?

Only Bay Shore has had free parking spaces permanently removed from our hamlet. For every special occasion happening throughout the year in our downtown, we must call the supervisor’s office and “request” the meters be suspended!

Bay Shore diners eating at our restaurants in the downtown or at the marina must pay a “surcharge” at a meter to eat in their own hometown. Why is Sayville, West Islip, Islip, Brentwood, Central Islip and every other town hamlet exempt from meters?

In 2016, the meter program was forced on Bay Shore, hurting our small businesses financially, inconveniencing our residents, and altering our quality of life!

Free parking stickers for residents is just! Will the burden of these meters remain only ours forever?


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